We connect fans with teams. We connect teams with data.

We help teams identify the fans that show up on game day. By understanding who is actually in the stadium, or arena, our customers are able to improve fan engagement, increase day of game revenue, offer personalized services, and improve public safety.


Setup is quick and easy. Once you're up and running, transactions and reporting are virtually instantaneous.


The most immutable, and yet transparent ticketing platform ever developed. For the first time ever, security is no longer a concern.


Our platform is enabled by the IBM Hyperledge Fabric Blockchain which means you can spend more time on business requirements and less time on technical workarounds.


Don’t let the blockchain scare you. Our nerds handle all the technical heavy lifting to make the platform simple, intuitive, and powerful.

How We Work

BANDWAGON is a sports tech company with a fan-to-fan marketplace that helps you protect home field advantage and create the ultimate game day experience! From the pre-game (buying a ticket to the big game and securing travel plans…and tailgating, of course) to the post-game (capturing the memories to share with friends and fellow fans or just reliving the moment after the fact), BANDWAGON’s got you covered!

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Fan Buys Ticket

Sports organizations assign tickets to fans

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Blockchain updated for all partners.

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Fans Can buy, sell or gift tickets on any platform.

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Smarter Data

Organizations can capture fan identity in real time.

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Fan Attends Game

Deliver a personalized experience for identified fans

Meet SIMP! Our Stadium Identity Management Platform is revolutionizing the way live events are managed.

Personalization is everything. In a world where fans are opting for 4K TVs and recliners at home, it’s more important than ever for sports organizations to offer once in a lifetime experiences in stadium to maintain attendance. The challenge is, when it comes to fanhood, one size doesn’t fit all. SIMP helps you curate marketing, services, and messaging to make sure that your fans have the ultimate game day.

Fandom is global...and soon, we will be too!

In the meantime, meet us at any of our offices across the United States, virtually, or invite us for a visit.

Austin, Texas

Texas Office

701 Brazos St., 16th Floor Austin, TX 78702

Sacramento, California

California Office

3140 Peacekeeper Way McClellan Park, CA 95652

Greenville, South Carolina

S. Carolina Office

400 Birnie Street, Suite J Greenville, SC 29611

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