“Anonymous Attendees” –  One of The Live Event Industry’s Biggest Foes

“Anonymous Attendees” – One of The Live Event Industry’s Biggest Foes

In 2019, one of the biggest issues facing the live events industry is the “anonymous attendee.”[1] Granted, this is not a new phenomenon, but in an era when personalization and customized experiences reign supreme, these “phantom” attendees are at the forefront of organizers and marketers minds.

Most tickets to live events, whether they be sporting events or concerts (and everything in between), are usually purchased in pairs.[2] But at the point of purchase, the event organizer/ticket seller only receives information on the actual person purchasing the ticket, not the “plus one” that is tagging along. That is the infamous “anonymous attendee.”[3] For example, Broadway is on track to set a new all-time record with more than 14.7 million attendees[4] this season.  Most attendees at Broadway shows do not attend alone and usually buy tickets in pairs so there is a possibility that you are missing out on valuable information on the other millions of attendees. Wouldn’t it be nice to have their info too? Each fan who shows up in your venue is a potential repeat customer…lifelong fan, so why not be able to treat them as such.  Successful event marketing is all about building relationships and you can’t build a relationship if you don’t know or have access to the person you’re supposed to be building with.

Live event attendance is a highly social experience. And in today’s “experience economy,” fans what to elevate their experiences and teams, organizers and venues can only do that with accurate, personalized information specific to each individual attendee. No two attendees have the exact same experience, nor do they want to.  Each attendee wants to feel special and that means personalization. After all, it’s all about the fan experience, collectively AND on an individual level. Not being able to reach those “anonymous attendees” before, during and especially after your event allows for less fan engagement and ultimately leaves money on the table.

Venues and ticket sellers are trying to address the pain point (and ultimately, loss of revenue) by creating more sophisticated mobile tickets and requiring the name(s) of other attendees at purchase. The industry is also trying to increase the regulation of secondary market to catch those who buy from resellers. But is that enough? There is a world of opportunity for identifying and reaching these “phantom” attendees. The technology in this is space is expanding everyday making it easy for people to voluntarily offer up their info, from in-venue kiosks to incentivizing interactive experiences.

Once you have the data, the key is using it effectively. Learn how Bandwagon’s Aura platform can help you effectively gather and harness this valuable information and create more memorable experiences for your fans.

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