Privacy and Data Protection in Ticketing & Events

Privacy and Data Protection in Ticketing & Events

From e-commerce to social media, data permeates everything we do. When used properly, this data can enhance the fan experience by offering personalization, segmentation and target campaigns which can lead to increased fan loyalty and repeat attendance.[i] Teams, venues, and event organizers have a plethora of user/attendee/fan data with access to much more (e.g. social media and third-party data). But that acquiring that data comes with a lot of responsibility. Sensitive information is provided when a customer purchases a ticket online (e.g. name, address, credit card number, etc.) and event organizers have to ensure that they are taking all necessary precautions to protect that data, less they end up with their customer’s data in the hands of scammers or hackers.

Data security is essential for event organizers, teams and venues.  Just look at some of the recent data breach/privacy issues in recent months (e.g. Facebook, Ticketmaster).[ii] There are several ways that a data breach can take place. For example, databases containing personal information can be hacked or personal information can be provided by mistake or without the consent of the owner (customer/fan).[iii] These data breaches can lead to lawsuits, customer mistrust and a loss of customer loyalty which can impact your bottom line and negatively impact the overall fan experience.

Because of scenarios like the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica case, Experian[iv] and Ticketmaster data breaches[v], the recent EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”)[vi] and Apple’s push for “comprehensive federal privacy legislation” in the US[vii], many data providers, aggregators and others companies are putting an added emphasis on data privacy and security. Data security may seem like a daunting task but it can be effectively and efficiently done by implementing data management best practices, building up quality data, warehousing it securely and making sure that it is tracked properly by identifying which data sources are necessary and using sources that take that privacy seriously themselves. The amount of customer data available will only continue to grow as we increasingly do more and more with the internet.

But effective data security can be done; team, venues and event organizers can protect their fans’ sensitive data with some effort. Some of the modern solutions to data privacy breaches include using blockchain technology, encryption, and other technologies. Some useful tools and techniques include: data transfers, accountability and training, privacy by design, updated privacy policies, compliance, data deletion and data incident notification.[viii] Event organizers, venues and teams also must remember to keep the customer experience at the forefront; this means keeping in mind that customers/fans own their data and should have control over how that data is used…another key element of the fan experience.

We’d like to hear from you…what are some of the ways you protect your fan’s privacy and data? Drop us a line in the comments.









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