Ahmad Al Rshaideh

Ahmad Al Rshaideh | Software Engineer

Ahmad got drawn into the digital world from playing DOS video games. He saw technology growing, and it captivated him by seeing it's fast pace and its impact on our daily lives, which excited him about contributing to the future. From the early days of Kindergarten, he was always known for being a "Computer Nerd", experimenting, and diving deep into different captivating topics. Recently, he has been truly captivated by the Big Data trend going on in the world and decided to be part of that revolution. "If we were able to utilize all the data we are gathering, our User Experience would reach an entirely different level, just like how 10 years ago, we did not think what we have now is possible or 20 years ago and so on, the potential to reach the stars is far and great, but also very exciting!"

Fun Fact

He visited more than 23 countries, 14 of which are in Europe as a previous member of Erasmus+. He also participated in a number of Taekwondo, Jiu Jutsu, and Mixed Martial Arts competitions with a record of 6 golden medals, 2 Silver and 3 Bronze.

Why I love bandwagon

Bandwagon is a fast-paced company, led by a team with great vision, and is filled with excitement!