Joe Powers

Joe Powers | Software Engineer, TPM

As a former GE design engineer and proud Georgia Tech alum, Joe brings creative and elegant full stack solutions to our clients, fueled by a passion for live music and events. Coming from the world of turbomachinery and industrial gas turbine design, where 40+ million dollar machines have to perform reliably or the lights turn off, precise and robust solutions are Joe’s specialty. His experience using data and analysis to uncover the truth of the matter at hand, and his perspective as a musician and performer makes him a perfect fit for our company.

Fun Fact

Joe is the lead guitarist and harmony vocalist in the band Wolfgang Wallace, and his drummer is the reason he pursued a career in coding.

Why I love bandwagon

Problem solving at incredible speed, creating deeper and more meaningful connections between fans and the teams/artists/places they love, an inspiring team of brilliant and kind people, there are just too many reasons to list!