Sarah Russell

Sarah Russell | Software Engineer

Sarah is a 2017 graduate of New College of Florida, where all are deemed honors students and are required to do an undergrad thesis to graduate. Sarah's thesis was on creating a game while writing a genre study of Role-Playing Games. While a student at New College, Sarah was also a volunteer for the Bernie Sanders campaign, the New College Young Democrats, and the Sarasota Democratic Party, where her efforts earned her the designation as the 'voter registration person' on campus. Her political participation continued after college, where she volunteered for the Bernie Sanders campaign again during the 2020 election cycle. She also worked as a Voting Systems Technician in Broward County, Florida amid the coronavirus pandemic. Post-primaries, she began contributing to the progressive open-source project Parsons, which allows progressive organizers to gather and transfer data between the REST API's of various political tools. The bulk of her work experience is in chatbot development with a few months in machine learning, which included data analysis and coding a machine learning solution using the Anaconda distribution of Python. This expertise will benefit Bandwagon with real-time assessment for identity infrastructure and future predictions and analysis.

Fun Fact

Sarah knows how to loom knit and crochet. She can make my own hats and fingerless gloves!

Why I love bandwagon

I'm just so happy to be able to put my skills to use and that my work has an impact.