Kim Klafczynski

Head of Sales

With over ten years of both startup and enterprise sales experience, Kim has a unique background that stems from technology conception/creation/deployment, hcm/talent & F500 business development which allows me to bring a completely unique set of eyes to the Bandwagon team.  Kim’s skills will help the Bandwagon grow its client base and expand into new markets in the future.

Kim enjoys finding efficiency gaps in outdated marketplaces to build solutions for and is highly competent in sports/agritech/blockchain/SaaS and the data driving the aforementioned. She also brings over a decade of front-end full-stack web development experience to the team.

Kim is also a co-founder of the Silicon Beach Sports League, an organization that puts on sporting events, tournaments & leagues in the Los Angeles startup community as a way to network and get active.

Fun Fact

Kim is a pro bodybuilder.


I love Bandwagon for lots of reasons, but what stands out is the openness for innovation. As an early stage company tackling a myriad of problems, our product is evolving with each client and allowing for bespoke solution sets to be built is super exciting; every day is different.

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