Harold Hughes

Harold Hughes | Founder, CEO

The visionary and team captain behind BANDWAGON, Harold brings a wealth of experience from his time in sales and business development in corporate America and his enthusiasm as a passionate sports fan. With an MBA and multiple Bachelors degrees from Clemson University (in addition to currently pursuing a Graduate Certificate in Innovation & Entrepreneurship from Stanford University), Harold has the knowledge, insight, and experience to help our clients better understand and act upon the available data about their fans to create the ultimate fan experience. And, it doesn’t hurt that our fearless leader can work a room and get anyone to jump on the BANDWAGON.

Fun Fact

He started his educational journey abroad when his parents sent him to Jamaica to attend kindergarten at age 4.

Why I love bandwagon

I’m really proud of what it took to start this company. It has taken so much from so many people to get to this point; so, I’m really thankful for the people who believed in me when we were just getting started.